Kentucky Will Legalize Online Poker in 2021

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Despite being one of the least likely states to legalize online poker, Kentucky is expected to do so by 2021. The current lawsuit, filed against PokerStars, stems from the seizure of 140 online gaming domains by the state in 2008. Then-Governor Steve Beshear, a staunch opponent of online gaming, aggressively sued the online poker company for offering games to Kentuckians in the wake of the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey were among the first states to legalize online poker in 2013. These states have also led the way for the first legal online poker sites in the country. Pennsylvania and New Jersey will soon follow suit, as will Connecticut and West Virginia. However, as of this writing, no online poker sites have launched in these states. However, the trend seems to be a positive one for the online poker industry. Hopefully, the federal government will pass laws that allow poker sites in these states in the near future.

US players facing the problem of restricted gambling sites must decide if the poker sites available in the country are adequate. If not, it may be time to relocate to another country or part of the US, where there is a wider choice of live poker sites. Another alternative to legal online poker sites is cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrency can be used for depositing and withdrawing funds. However, cryptocurrency remains an unregulated payment method and as of yet, isn’t widely used in the online poker industry.

The best US online poker sites have plenty of competition, and most offer a variety of deposit methods and game variations. Many of the largest US online poker sites have massive player pools and are popular. Bonuses and promotions are common on US online poker sites. However, you should check the regulations of each site before deciding which one to play at. These bonuses can make online poker a more enjoyable game for you, and it’s an excellent way to increase your bankroll.

While the low stakes game is the most popular way to learn online poker, there’s also no better way to get your feet wet than to play at a lower stake level. The action moves fast and the stakes are low enough for novices to master the game. If you’re comfortable playing at your current level, you should consider moving up to higher stakes once you’ve played 10 or 20 cash games and made a significant ROI. Online poker sites usually allow you to track your progress using heads-up displays and other software.

The state of New York has long had a hostile attitude towards online poker and daily fantasy sports. But it’s no longer the case. The state’s legislature is still supportive of online gambling. The Senate Appropriations Committee’s funding bill for 2018 contains language that would permit online gaming. The bills would then be submitted for consideration to the Senate. There are two bills currently in the Senate addressing online poker. One of them was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham.