7 – v1 Prototype and User Testing

Students will design a paper prototype of an application, or part of an application, to better address the problem at hand … and then test that prototype. Initial Research Paper prototyping is a basic usability testing technique that can help test interfaces cheaply and quickly. At its most simple, it is nothing more than a visual representation of what an interface Read more about 7 – v1 Prototype and User Testing[…]

4 – User Research Breakdown & Persona Preparation

Conduct research to gain insight and empathy Overview This post details the results of our efforts to breakdown the copious amounts of user data, from different sources, and start grouping it sections for our upcoming Personas. Questionnaire: 101 Responses Overall 76.2% Female – 23.8% Male 16.8% have scuba dived before – 83.2% have not gone Read more about 4 – User Research Breakdown & Persona Preparation[…]

3 – User Research: Questionnaire

Conduct at least one form of user research to gather data about your user group(s). Introduction A questionnaire is a simple tool for gathering information. It typically consists of a set of questions used to assess a participant’s opinions, attitudes, preferences and characteristics on a given topic. As a research method, a sample of the wider audience is used. The Read more about 3 – User Research: Questionnaire[…]