9 – v2 Prototype and User Testing

There should be one or more design iterations following the initial prototype. Ensure you include screenshots documenting the evolution of your prototypes and explain the rationale for the changes from one revision to the next.  Production Based on our personas and task descriptions, a new prototype (v2) was created. This was a more high-fidelity version, created using Photoshop and Read more about 9 – v2 Prototype and User Testing[…]

8 – Goal Setting

Goals serve as acceptance criteria during evaluation … Must set goals that we will aim for the product to achieve Introduction When collecting data to inform and improve website usability, best practices suggest a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to effectively capture a more holistic perspective. Qualitative goals are unquantified design goals that can be useful Read more about 8 – Goal Setting[…]

7 – v1 Prototype and User Testing

Students will design a paper prototype of an application, or part of an application, to better address the problem at hand … and then test that prototype. Initial Research Paper prototyping is a basic usability testing technique that can help test interfaces cheaply and quickly. At its most simple, it is nothing more than a visual representation of what an interface Read more about 7 – v1 Prototype and User Testing[…]