The Assignment

Project Context, Background and Aim

The project requires students, working in groups, to conduct a human-centered design project. Students will be required to identify a problem in an existing interface or choose an activity which has not yet been addressed by an app, website, etc.

Students will carry out research to gain an understanding of the human and the tasks they need to perform. Based on this, students will design a paper prototype of an application, or part of an application, to better address the problem at hand.

The design process should be iterative, including at least two initial design alternatives and at least two iterations of the research-prototype-evaluate process. The project acts as an introduction to the Human-Centered Design process.


The aim of the project is to choose a problem, conduct research to gain insight and empathy, and then design and evaluate a paper prototype to solve the problem.

You are required to:

  1. Conduct at least one form of user research to gather data about your user group(s).
  2. Develop a persona (or multiple personas) that characterises the users. This must be informed by the above.
  3. Develop two (or more) descriptions of common tasks that one of the personas above would carry out. Consider how best to represent these task descriptions (e.g. scenarios, storyboards, etc.).
  4. For at least one of the above scenarios, you should develop a paper prototype of how the application could be (re)designed to provide the desired user experience.
  5. Evaluate the prototype you developed above using an appropriate evaluation methodology.
  6. Each member of the group must write and submit a number of blog posts summarising the work that they carried out on the project, the methodology followed, the deliverables produced and a critical analysis of their work and that of their peers.

Assignment Group

Stephen Healy — Senior UX/UI Developer — Johnson Controls (formerly Tyco)
Graham Baitson — Senior Software Engineer — Johnson Controls Innovation Garage (formerly Tyco)
David O’Mahony — Jnr Graphic Designer — PixelDesign

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