6 – Task Descriptions

Develop two (or more) descriptions of common tasks that one of the personas above would carry out. Consider how best to represent these task descriptions (e.g. scenarios, storyboards, etc.).


Task descriptions are a simple and effective process for laying out tasks from a user’s perspective. They are generally used for new software projects, and help us imagine how users will interact with our website. Typically there are four different activities that fall under a task description; user stories, task scenarios, storyboards and use cases. For this project we have focused on the first three in that list.

User Stories

User Story #1

As a person who has previously visited a wreck, I want to book a guided group tour, so that I can experience a fun and educational activity with friends.

User Story #2

As a person who hasn’t visited a wreck before, I want to browse and/or search for Irish wrecks, so that I can become better informed about visiting a wreck.

Task Scenarios

Scenario (User Story #1)

“John has invited his friends around one Friday evening for a couple of drinks in his apartment. They are all sharing stories of some of the most amazing experiences they’ve had throughout their lifetime. John explains to the group about the time he once visited a wreck off the coast of Australia. After sharing the story, his friends became enthusiastic about visiting a ship wreck and wondering would there be any wrecks off the coast of Ireland.”

“After a quick search, they came across the Irish Wrecks website. As none of the group had anything planned the weekend, they decided to search for wrecks close to where they live. After finding some interesting wrecks close by, they decided to go ahead and book a tour for a time that suited everyone the following day. John decided to book it on his credit card and shortly after, received a confirmation email stating that the booking was successful. All the group started to wonder what it would be like and spent the rest of the evening looking forward to the visit.”

Scenario (User Story #2)

“It was Mary’s birthday and her husband has surprised her with a romantic break away to a luxurious spa resort in Donegal for the weekend. The babysitter has been organised and they are now in the process of packing and planning their getaway. Being quite adventurous, Mary was wondering could she fit a slightly different activity into the weekend away.”

“She remembered about a ship wreck site her colleague mentioned during lunch the previous week. After searching on the site for wrecks in the location of the spa resort, they looked through all the details to understand the history, view images to see what it would be like and tried to figure out what’s required in order to participate in the visit. They printed out all the information so they could discuss it during the drive to their hotel.”


Storyboard #1

  • John has invited friends around for a few drinks
  • John tells his friends about the time he visited a ship wreck off the coast of Australia
  • John and his friends search for information on Irish wrecks
  • After finding Irish Wrecks Online, they find information on wrecks that are close by
  • John and his friends decide to book a group tour to visit a wreck the following day
  • John and his friends celebrate the rest of the night and look forward to their ship wreck visit

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Storyboard #2

  • Mary’s husband surprises her with a romantic break away
  • Mary and her husband begin packing for their getaway
  • Mary decides to look for an additional activity for the weekend
  • Mary looks for a ship wreck close to the resort where herself and her husband are staying
  • They look through all the information related to wrecks in the area
  • Mary bookmarks the site so they can discuss it during the drive

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