1 – Problem Identification

Students will be required to identify a problem in an existing interface or choose an activity which has not yet been addressed by an app, website, etc.


As a group, our first task was to identify the problem that would form the basis of this project.  Via our chosen method of communication, Slack, we brainstormed a number of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. These ideas included re-designs/additions to the websites of Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, both Dublin and Cork City Councils, eir Mobile and West Cork Vintage Car Club.

We also discussed “new” solutions, such as a student resource for tracking notes, assignments, classroom locations, etc. Or a new alternative to ATMs and their outdated and non-friendly user interface.


Eventually we settled on a shortlist of four ideas, and compiled areas to improve or new items of functionality for each:

Existing Websites:

1. http://www.cailinoir.com/

“Cape Clear Island Ferry Service”

  • New App will be created to improve upon existing website.
  • Facilitate improved online booking service.
  • New and improved timetable at a glance.
  • New interactive map with tour information and areas of interest.

2. http://irishwrecksonline.net/

“A diver’s guide to the ship wrecks around Ireland”

  • New App will be created to improve upon existing website.
  • New and improved UI for listing and filtering wrecks by name, county, type, etc.
  • New and improved UI for viewing detailed information on a selected wreck.
  • New interactive map with highlighted wrecks and links to the detailed information mentioned above.

New Apps:

3. Smart Home App

“Control your Home Security & Entertainment from the palm of your hand”

  • New App will be created.
  • Security: Control Lights, Blinds, Alarms, Locks, etc
  • Entertainment: Control TV, Media-Center, Wi-Fi, etc
  • Map and configure your home for the above.

4. Legal Driver App

“Drive Legally – Drive Safely”

  • New App will be created.
  • Digital version of Garda I.D.
  • Digital version of Tax & Insurance Discs (if not on vehicle windscreen)
  • Facilitate the online paying of Speeding Tickets and other Fines

At this point we sought advice from course lecturer, Dr Andrew Errity, who confirmed that each of these ideas was a suitable project, providing the scope/amount of functionality was kept at a realistic level.

Problem Location Agreed

To decide which idea would be our initial and primary focus for the project, a pointing system was agreed upon.  Each group member would assign a score to each idea, with 4 points being their most favoured idea and 1 point being their least favoured.

Once the group ratings were tallied, the results were as follows:

11Irish Wrecks
9Ferry Service
7Smart Home
4Legal Driver

After a final discussion, all group members were happy to proceed with further investigation and identification of problems with the http://irishwrecksonline.net/ website.

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