Keyboard layout shenanigans (MS Windows)

Every now and then, I used to suffer the problem of having my keyboard layout change seemingly for no reason. For example, my @ key would change to Shift+2 instead of Shift+’ – and vice versa with the ” key.

I’ve now figured out that the problem has been my keyboard layout changing language (in my case, from “Irish” to “US”). Turns out the keyboard shortcut to change your input language is LeftAlt+Shift, which I must have been pressing by mistake. So all I had to do was press this combination again to restore my keyboard to the way I knew and loved. It’s easy when you know how!

If you need to check a) what input languages are installed for your computer, and b) what your shortcut is for switching between these languages – then go here:

Control Panel -> Regional & Language Options -> Languages -> Details -> Settings -> Key Settings


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Killing ActiveX warnings when developing…

If, like me, you’re sick to the back teeth of IE blocking your attempts to debug your own apps with it’s ActiveX filter – here’s how to stop it.

Note: This is for running locally off your machine – it should still block the ‘evil’ websites perfectly fine.

– In IE 7, go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced

– Scroll down to ‘Security’ in the Settings pane

– Tick the box next to “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer”

Now run/debug your project once more (e.g. from Eclipse), and it should work fine!

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Displaying tooltips for truncated items in a Flex List

Just a quick post – for anyone who might be suffering from the same issue that I did…

Question: In a standard Flex List – shrink the width of the List so that it is smaller than the width of the items inside it. How do you see the full text without adding a scrollbar?

Answer: In the MXML for the List – simply add the following line…


…and bingo, the items in question will be truncated – and a tooltip will automatically appear to display the full text (when you hover over the item).

list screenshot

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Hiding ‘included’ database connection files using PHP…

Interesting link that lists a few different solutions for keeping your connection/config file from prying eyes.  The first answer in particular looks handy…

Check it here.

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