Viewing Unread Messages Quickly in Gmail

One of the most regular complaints about Gmail is the difficulty in quickly viewing your unread messages. The simplest solution is to do the following:

1) In the Search bar at the top, enter one of the following:


2) Click on “Search Mail”. You will now be presented with all of your unread emails.

However, at times when I really need to access my unread mail quickly, I often forget these commands – and have to search online for them – which defeats the whole purpose of saving time. So here’s a method of creating a permanent link to your unread messages – that you can then access with one mouse-click.

1) Go to Settings -> Labs, and enable the “Quick Links” feature.

2) You will now see a new “Quick Links” menu on the left-hand side of the screen (above “Invite a friend”).

3) Follow the same “Search Mail” steps above… then, with the unread messages on screen, select “Add a Quick Link” in the new menu.

4) Save the Quick Link as “Unread Messages” (or whatever you prefer) and you now have one-click access to all unread mail.

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