Lotus Symphony: How to disable/undo automatic corrections

Two questions:

1) How do I undo or disable automatic typing corrections?

By default, IBM Lotus Symphony automatically corrects common typing errors while you type. For example, abotu will be changed to about, or the first letter of a sentence will automatically be capitalized.  To quickly undo an automatic correction, press Ctrl+Z.

To turn off these features completely, go to Tools -> Instant Changes in the menu-bar, and deselect the While Typing option.

2) How do I disable date formatting in tables?

By default, a date that you enter into a table is automatically formatted based on the regional settings specified by your operating system.  So, for example, a European user may see a date changed from 2012/03/01 to 01/03/12.

To disable this formatting, right-click a table cell and deselect the Number Recognition option.

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