ux project website

UX Certificate - Final Project

2017: Check out the website & blog I built to showcase this final project for my recent qualification in "Fundamentals in User Experience Design".

johnson controls logo

Johnson Controls

2015-Present: As all projects are still in active development, these additions to the portfolio will have to wait just a little while longer...

ibm xforce exchange screenshot

IBM - X-Force Exchange

2015: Adding additional front-end content to a responsive web application.

ibm cloud orchestrator screenshot

IBM - Cloud Orchestrator

2014-2015: Adding additional front-end content to a large enterprise application.

mobile monday screenshot

Mobile Monday

2014: A 24 hour challenge to develop a website to support a national charity.

ibm cloud console screenshot

IBM - Cloud Console

2014: A responsive web application that enables users to monitor and manage purchased services and products, while also allowing personal customisation of the UI itself.

ibm oaas screenshot

IBM - Orchestration as a Service (OaaS)

2013-14: A responsive web application that enables users to aggregate and manage multiple accounts for third-party Cloud services.

ibm oslc screenshot

IBM - OSLC Provider

2012: Custom UIs and APIs that enabled a customer to integrate their in-house products with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, using Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specifications.

fonepool screenshot


2009-10: Contract work to upgrade and maintain a commercial website.

manual handling screenshot

Thru-u.com - Manual Handling Simulator

2009: An interactive simulator, designed to educate about Manual Handling safety and techniques, using a combination of audio, video and animation.

ppe screenshot

Thru-u.com - Personal Protective Equipment Simulator

2008: An interactive simulator, designed to educate about Personal Protective Equipment, using a combination of animation and audio.

pirate poppers screenshot

Upstart Games - Pirate Poppers

2007: The largest project undertaken by the Cork site where I was based.

upstart games screenshot

Upstart Games - Selected Projects

2006-07: A selection of other projects I worked on during my time with Upstart Games.

masters screenshot

MSc in Multimedia - Thesis

2005-06: A brief overview of the final thesis for my Master's degree, "Enhanced Graphics for Mobile Devices", which received an Honours award.