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The Alphabet of Me

A is for Arnie – my hero in life
B is for Beer – it gives my liver some strife
C is for Cake – I have an addiction
D is for Diabetes – my future affliction?
E is for Elevated – from my height, not from jumping
F is for Family – without them I’d be nothing
G is for Game of Thrones – my new favourite show
H is for Healy – I became one a long time ago
I is for iPhone – how did I live life before?
J is for Joanne – the one I truly adore
K is for Karate – yes I went through that fad
L is for Liverpool – my team in good times and bad
M is for MacGyver – just a paperclip and a straw
N is for Neo – the Matrix still leaves me in awe
O is for Occupation – I program, I hack
P is for Poker – trying to win the clothes off your back
Q is for Quiz – I enjoy the pub kind
R is for Rashers – just not the rind
S is for Shatner – who had to be in this rhyme
T is for Terminator – Arnold travelling through time!
U is for Unhurried – took 32 years to drive
V is for Viewing – without Sky+ I couldn’t survive
W is for Wedding – holy hell it’s here soon
X is for Xbox – there goes my Sunday afternoon
Y is for Yearning – to Theron and Alba I’d propose
Z is for Zoolander – my preferred picture pose!

(The idea for this was shamelessly stolen from Arlene’s Blog – but I’d go for my ‘MacGyver’ over her ‘Mum’ any day)  ;)