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Did you know? Samurai drink Murphy’s Stout…

If you lived in Ireland or the UK during the 90′s – then there’s a very good chance you may remember these classic TV ads. I only just found these again by chance – and can’t believe I had forgotten about them.

This was the first in the series…

…this was followed by a couple of ads in the same vein. But the masterpiece was yet to arrive. Made by the creators of the famous Ghost in the Shell, the next ad kept the same idea – but transformed it into a futuristic animé landscape. I remember watching this at the time with mouth gaping…and it still looks great today.

Mine’s a Murphy’s!

Hey Alan! Alan! Alan!

Even better, I get a mention myself. And bizarrely enough my brother is called Alan…

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Predator Rap

So last week it was the Robocop Rap (see previous entry) – which was a new find for me. The Predator Rap however, has been one of my favourite mp3 choices for the last three or four years…

At one point, I had nearly half of it memorised – you can laugh all you want, but when you’re in the pub at 1am and can start rattling that off – you’re suddenly a legend. Oh yes.

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want the whole storyline given to you in 6 minutes – look away now…

“The woman grabs his gun & Arnie kicks it to stop her,
then he turns around & shouts ‘Get to the CHOPPA!’”

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Robocop Rap

Surely there’s no better way of summarising a film than to rap about it. And anyone who manages to fit ED-209 into a rhyme is ok with me.

10 minutes of goodness…

“Clutching at his bleeding groin he falls in a heap
& Robo says ‘your move, creep’”

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