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The “insert a word into a tweet” game – Round 1

The challenge was simple – I give you a random word, and you have to include it in a message on Twitter. You can’t let on that you’re playing the game – and you have to act like it’s the most normal thing you’ve ever said. Easy!

Or was it? Let’s see how our contestants fared…

It started off as a simple way to waste 10 minutes between @VioletsCRUK and my good self.  Words such as emu, bejeweled, underthings and trumpet were fired back and forth…



We handled those superbly as I’m sure you’ll agree.  Once the game was opened up to the whole twitter world – things got even more interesting…

@juleser started things off in a lovely way by talking about ‘spittle’


Then, in a superb bit of timing, @NiallOK replied to that very tweet with his own word: ‘fisticuffs’


Meanwhile, @DeeDeeRouge was writing one of my favourites of the day – how can you not admire some Sinatra inclusion for ‘snooty’?


@MuzzioMom shared an interesting factoid with ‘badger’…


…while @Anne11Duke went down a scientific road that Darwin would be proud of with ‘hormones’.


@Healium shared some personal information about his ‘banshee’-like aunt…


…but @lisam75 was more focused on her shoes with their ‘squeegee’ shine.


Elsewhere, @GarethOShea was feeling the pressure with his ‘tomfoolery’


…something that @Disklabs could sympathise with as he dealt with‘ostrich’-like staff.


Avoiding such stresses, @Treagus was simply relieved that she wasn’t ‘mustachioed’


…whereas @MammaSteph was just watching the time ‘slither’ by.


And finally, @julie13 was simply happy to muse on future ‘saxophone’ purchases…


And there you have it, the 1st Annual Insert A Word Into A Tweet Awards - simply rolls off the tongue doesn’t it.  Congratulations to all the contestants – you woffled superbly.

Sign up now for next year! (or possibly sooner)

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